Ray Stewart and Daniel Murphy first decided to join forces in photography not long after both completed an Associate Diploma of Photography in Melbourne, Australia. Having majored in commercial photography, and obtaining the necessary skills to enter the highly competitive photographic world, they set out to achieve their  aspirations of turning a love of photography into a way of life. Along with publications in various photographic media, both Ray and Daniel have since earned State and National awards through the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. With both Ray and Daniel sharing a passion for all aspects in contemporary photography, in particular travel and landscape, they decided to venture and capture the globe in  their own unique way. This has given them the opportunity to not only view some amazingly beautiful land and seascapes, but  experience diverse cultural civilisations with architectural icons that date back to the beginning of mankind. With a large volume of quality work obtained from these voyages, it is with their pleasure, and the modern day invent of the internet, that Ray and Daniel are able to showcase their images through an online gallery and allow these fine art prints to be purchased.


Ray Stewart

Ray – They say life is a journey not a destination and the same can be said about photography from hours spent in the darkroom to the digital world we now live in, the changes have been remarkable, but the one thing that has stayed true is the quality and signature style of the photographer.

With a background in the graphic design and sign industry and after having run a successful business for over ten years in the beautiful Gippsland area of Victoria, Australia I enrolled and studied photography at the Photography Studies College in Melbourne.  Upon completing an Advanced Diploma of Photography, with a commercial major, I was awarded the Fuji Award for Excellence in Commercial Photography.

Being creative has always been an integral part of my life and the standards I set have allowed me the opportunities to work all over Australia and across the globe on a broad range of projects. I continue to explore and I am always looking for new opportunities and challenges. 

Having created a large body of work in the past, which captures different aspects of my own career, it is now time to share a new range of projects with a brand new audience.


Daniel – has always had a background in arts, beginning with drawing and painting through his high school years along with photography. The need to travel promoted photography to a higher level, where he completed an advanced certificate in travel and tourism just to learn more about the world he was venturing around. After publishing several travel articles in photographic magazines, he completed an Associate Diploma of Photography at PSC (Photography Studies College) in Melbourne. Awarded as the  photographer  with the most ‘signature style’ by his mentors after graduating he decided to enter into the Australian International Photography Awards (AIPP), where he was fortunate enough to achieve 4 gold, 2 silver distinctions and 6 silver with only the 12 images entered. Daniel has been awarded Australian Illustrative Photographer of the year and also Victorian Photographer of the year by the AIPP. Daniel also enjoys the challenges of ‘illustrative’ photography ( personal category ), where the imagination delves into another dimension. With well over 20 countries visited already his journey happily continues through the eyes of his camera lenses, always looking for new adventures in this wonderful world of ours,